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Source of, and essential to all life, water is an integral part of all environmental issues. The condition of our water is a reflection of the condition of the health of the ecosystems through which it flows. BlueLeaf offers services which allow a better understanding of the interactions between water and ecosystems, and how to reduce human impact on those ecosystems.

Monitoring and measurement

The basis of all environmental work begins with well-structured, adequate monitoring and measuring programs. We cannot understand or manage what we fail to measure. In order to evaluate the success of any intervention it is essential to undertand conditions before and after.


Through its long-term environmental monitoring projects, BlueLeaf enables better understanding of pre- and post-intervention results.

Surface water

Whether ponds, lakes, streams or rivers, BlueLeaf's work addresses a full range of issues affecting the quality of surface waters.


Whether your community's concerns are for eutrophication, wildlife or human health issues, BlueLeaf offers a variety of services to help our partners better understand and address those surface water issues. 

Watershed rehabilitation

The integrated management of watershed rehabilitation requires the coordinated efforts of many groups. BlueLeaf's expertise in bringing community members together and combining their local knowledge with scientific support, leads to integrated rehabilitation programs.


BlueLeaf can help your community understand and reach a consensus on best ways to improve your watershed environment and undertake rehabilitation efforts.


Source of drinking water for 40% of the population, the protection of our groundwater is vital to health and to the environment.


BlueLeaf works with its partners to determine whether groundwaters are vulnerable to contamination, whether pollutants are present, determine sources of contamination, and whether drinking water treatment of groundwater is effective.

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