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Agriculture's direct interaction with the environment, and especially water, poses unique challenges for the sustainable future of this essential induistry. BlueLeaf works with farmers and agro-environmental organizations to develop and implement new technologies and methods which minimize environmental impacts, while optimizing agricultural production and yields.


Biochar is a solid material obtained from the carbonization of biomass. Biochar may be added to soils with the intention to improve soil functions and to reduce emissions from biomass that would otherwise naturally degrade to greenhouse gases. Sustainable biochar is a powerfully simple tool that can 1) fight global warming; 2) produce a soil enhancer that holds carbon and makes soil more fertile; 3) reduce agricultural waste; and 4) produce clean, renewable energy. 

Controlled drainage

Controlled drainage is used as a tool to reduce loss of nutrients from agricultural fields to both surface and groundwater, while promoting groundwater replenishment. This method allows the farm producer to retain field water during dry periods and better manage water resources. This can also help to increase crop yields.

Denitrifying bioreactors

Nitrogen in surface and groundwater is a major cause of aquatic quality degradation. By offering bioreactor technology to denitrify agricultural drainage water, these BlueLeaf installations can transform nitrates to less environmentally toxic forms of nitrogen, while improving water quality.


Long-lasting and effective, when combined with controlled drainage, these units offer effective and ecological field water management.

Phosphorus reactors

One of the main causes of surface water eutrophication, phosphorus poses serious challenges for the environment.


BlueLeaf has developed new technologies to efficiently capture and remove phosphorus from agricultural drainage waters. These modular, easily installed units, offer a low cost and low maintenance option for reducing phosphorus impacts on aquatic environments.

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